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Ross Bakery


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    Isle of Man
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    Hospitality & Catering
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This is an unique opportunity to buy one of only a few bakeries on
the Isle of Man and start creating a product that has been a staple
of human life since we started forming towns and markets 10,000
years ago. The fundamentals of making bread: flour, water, salt,
yeast and time have hardly changed since then. The rhythm of each
days bake, dough mixing, shaping and baking creates an immense
feeling of satisfaction compared to the relentless and never ending
nature of our modern corporate world.

If you’re looking for a different venture, want to change your life, or
want to expand your business, then this is a perfect opportunity to
do so at a time when the market for fresh, local bread on the Isle of
Man is particularly strong.

Support for local Manx brands is really positive and Ross Bakery is
much loved amongst the community here with many people
choosing to seek out their products, rather than something cheaper
and imported.
The bakery has been trading for 5 years. Originally opened by
Simon and Melanie Ross in 2018, they had spotted a gap in the
market for the bread they were using at the cafe they ran at the
time. They started by supplying themselves and grew the business
steadily, adding in products that customers love and chefs find

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Less than 2 years into the bakeries life, the COVID-19 pandemic
happened, turning the bakery into an essential service, partnering
with other local businesses to deliver goods around the Island, to
the hospitals, and to local shops supporting each of their
communities. As a result, many new people were exposed to the
bakery Island wide, and coming out the other side of the pandemic,
the bakery was able to grow it’s customer base further.
You’ll now find Ross Bakery in many cafes and restaurants, the
airport, the boat and a wide range of retailers from major ones to
small farm and health food shops across the Island.
They have a wide and varied customer base, with a solid, well
established and popular product offering that they can produce
consistently and at volume.

The current owners are planning a move off the Island which is why
the business is up for sale.

This is an amazing chance to enter a market that, with the closure
or scaling down of various competitors, presents a perfect
opportunity to take advantage of and capitalise on an already
established brand and it’s goodwill, allowing doors to open and
opportunities to flourish that wouldn’t be available to a start up

A copy of the last two years trading accounts

A detailed list of all leases, assets & other equipment going with the

Any further information that you may require

Asking Price: £115,000

For further information an NDA must be signed and the information will
be shared after receiving shareholder(s) permission.

If you would be interested in knowing more please don't hesitate to
contact us regarding next steps.

Facts and figures
  • Profitable
  • Strong Brand Name
  • Well Loved
  • Expansion Opportunities

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